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We offer not only products, but also our after-sales service.
Advanced Resources & Equipment

Rainbow pencil agency factor each kind of import brand paper, and global many well-known brand paper mill establishment strategy cooperation; Has many import slittings, the rewinder, the truncation machine and holds the vehicle, provides satisfaction for the customer the processing service.
Transport Team to Ensure Delivery 

Rainbow pencil innate transportation troop, radiation entire Zhujiang Delta area; Regarding achieves delivers the tonnage the customer, I will take charge of free will deliver goods to the doorstep; Regarding the province outside the customer, I will take charge of will relate the physical distribution company nearby for you, will reduce the transportation cost.
Improve logistics Sales Support

The group many member companies, the national 30,000 ton extant trundle goods storehouse, several dozens specialized sales outstanding person team, are engaged in the pencil packing transportation profession the rich experience, momentarily escorts for you, free provides the product advisory service for you.

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